Every story has an origin and SUPERX was created to help you start yours. In your story, you're the hero and we are your armory; equipping you with the most unique training apparel on earth. 

he·ro /ˈhirō/
Definition: "a person who is admired or idealized for courage"
To be a hero, you have to be bold and stand apart from the crowd. That's why the culture at SUPERX is defined by boldness and courage. With every product we create, we first ask how can we be bold.  We don’t make products just to be slightly different than what is already on the market. To create truly unique one-of-a kind training apparel, our products have to be better, bolder and unlike anything you have ever seen. Otherwise there is no point. 

We spend months testing out variations of every product to narrow down the exact final version we want to release, so when you buy a product from us you know every detail has been accounted for. We will continue to innovate our designs and keep up with current trends to constantly provide products you want to wear, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy the newest version of each product. Everything we make is built to last so once you’ve bought a product, it will be your favorite for years and years.

Our business is built on helping customers unleash the hero inside.

Our returning customer rate is significantly higher than the industry standard for a reason; we prioritize providing value that leads to a trusting relationship rather than a bunch of one-time purchases. Our customers become lifelong fans because they understand what we are about and once you’ve tried our products, the alternatives won’t even seem like an option.

Don't just train, #TrainSuper