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WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Time to suit up

I remember wanting to get a supersuit way back when the first waves were released, but the timing never quite worked out. Finally this year after seeing Sean Gordon Murphy in the Deathstroke suit, I decided to pick up the Wayne S4 as The Batman was being released. Fits like a glove and moves easily through every exercise I’ve done with it on. Worth every penny!

Also have to mention that Iris Kyle stopped me during the workout to ask where I got it, and if it’s good enough for 10x Ms.Olympia…..👀🔥

WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Brendan D
I am the night!

Where do I even start? This hoodie is fantastic! It fits like a dream, it has so many pockets and zippers for on the go and not to mention the thing just looks badass! I think this hoodie quite possibly could replace my original Parker hoodie as my top pick for the day. You guys continue to just knock it out of the park! 💪🦇

WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Geared Up!!!!

Extremely pleased with the quality of work!!! I definitely turn heads in this gear.. I will have to probably make a special closet for all my suits.😂😂😂

Top notch

I’m not the type to leave reviews or tell others how I feel about anything. So the fact that I’m here doing this just speaks to how well this company does at making these performance items for everyone! I just got my new Wayne outfit in today and I really mean this when I say I legitimately felt like Robert Pattinsons Batman. It’s not just that one though I have others that do the same thing. To top it off I have made some size purchase mistakes and the support team is above all! I really can not find any faults in their support team it’s fantastic! I love this company and what they make. So much so that I am one of their ambassadors! I believe in the quality of their clothing that much! If you aren’t looking into it, you truly are missing out!

WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Matthew Sanchez
We’ve been expecting you Mr.Wayne

This is by far my favorite shirt to date . I ordered the small like usual but because I’ve been working out more the medium was the way to go . I love the t-shirts and hoping for more in the future since I run warm. Make me look and feel like Batman . Hopefully one day I’ll get this picture on the site hahaha

A great addition to the collection

This longsleeve isnt like the others. It feels a little softer and lighter. Also the 4 zip pockets all work great!

WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Matthew Meyer
Wayne s4

In my opinion this is a 10/10. Maybe because i like anything 🦇 related. It does feel a little more snug than my previous purchases from them. I weigh 185lbs at 6ft. If you are shorter and weigh around the same or have big arms i would recommend sizing up to a large. Im thinking the models either have larges or wearing XLs. Still fits me great. Any smaller i would have to move up tho. When i recieved it in person i also got a ninja/covert samurai vibe from it 🥷, especially with the forarm stitching. Cant wait until i can actually wear this. Its hot right now lol.

WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Greg Percy
SuperX does it again!

Love this jacket! This was my second SuperX jacket, but will definitely not be my last.
Great high quality product!
Athletic fit with lots of stretch to the material.
If you see a jacket or a SuperX suit you like grab it before they sell out you will not be disappointed!

Feeling like The Batman!

This suit is hands down the best one I’ve got so far! The detail/design looks so damn good in person! Don’t miss out on this suit!

Parker S4 reviews

I’m not stranger to working out in comic book or anime apparel. But this very well may be my most highly received gear I ever warn. The hoodie is a size medium and fits perfectly the joggers also are medium and shows of my quads every well. The zip pocket on both the top and bottom came in hand for holding my phone while working out. Great for both lifting weights and cardio . It never felt like it was restricting my movements. The Details of the gold the gear was beautifully done. And everyone who saw the set loved it!

QUEEN is the best suit ever

I got to try out the QUEEN early and let me say it’s by far the best SuperSuit they ever made in my opinion, the colors , the cuts and the extra attention to details makes me feel soo badass and comfortable. This set is out of this world 10/10

Fashionable and comfortable

I personally believe super x to be the best gym fashion brand.
Super x has felt the best to me outta all the exercise gear I have. I own legends gear, old navy gear, addidas and Nike gear. Super x gear looks like a fashion piece and is also a functional gym gear . I definitely recommend super x and I look forward to each release they make.

A work of art

I look at this sweater more then I wear it. I'm so surprised that this sweater was simple yet gorgeous. I love this sweater and it's also equally as functional. I love super x for making clothes look good while not compromising functionality. If your on the fence about super x then don't be. Super x priorities functionality and aesthic hand in hand. This was my 4th purchase and I eagerly await what that comes next for them.


Super x changed how I feel exercising. I feel more empowered. Before I would exercise with my clothes I didn't care about and I suppose it impacted my exercise routine. Getting amazing gear from super x gives me an extra kick and gives me strength and makes things more fun.

Paris Karnes
Parker S4

This suit is very comfortable and light weight. It feels great to workout, and very stylish for cosplay. You can literally go from the gym to happy hour at your local bar and look and feel great.

Look like a sidekick, feel like a boss!

The Drake joggers are officially one of my top favorite joggers from SuperX! They look and feel top notch! Never disappointed with a SuperX purchase!

KENT Hoodie
Joe Moca
Love it! I want the joggers asap when they back in stock

Incredible comfortable. Fits perfectly. Can’t say more amazing things. Recommend anyone get this gear!!

Zack Storer

This suit is amazing top notch, 10/10. I love this brand and these products. This is my 3rd time making this review but for some reason it isn’t showing up, so this one is less in depth, because I’m tired or re writing it lol. Just watch the video YouTube video placeholder

Out of the 3 GREEK GOD long sleeves this one is my favorite! The color, the design. It's bold without being TOO bold and it really brings out your arms and shoudlers


I have been working out for years now and have worn Nike, UnderArmour (Both regular and Rock collections), and many other companies gear. Super X is probably, if not the best gear I have ever worn. It was super comfortable, the design was amazing, and it fit perfectly. Not to mention, when I put it on, I felt like taking on every criminal in Gotham. Many people have came up to me and asked where I got this badass suit. I cannot wait for my Wayne order to get in. The hype is real. I highly recommend this company and their products to everyone I see in the gym and out.

Justin Moore
#1 Favorite Jacket I've EVER OWNED!

I just got my McGinnis a few days ago, and I am absolutely FLOORED by its style, comfort, and attention to detail. I love how snugly it fits around the shoulders and waist without restricting movement; the material is soft, breathable yet warm, and has just enough stretch to make it perfect for activewear while retaining it's clean lines and form. The black material looks incredibly clean, and the red contrast in both the stitching and the highlights is crisp and vibrant! Plus, I LOVE the split at the bottom of the sides, allowing the jacket to stay snug and fit in the waist even when you're jumping, climbing, flipping, or whatever other superhero antics/training you get into! 5 stars from me, and I'll be back for the next one for sure!!!

Ezra Navarro
BARTON Hoodie and Joggers

This super suit looks amazing and feels even better. It feels like super high quality and is very stretchy and flexible.
First of all, the joggers were super comfortable and when I did leg day in them, they felt durable and I could easily move around in them. They’re a little snug on my legs, but that’s what I was expecting since the size chart said they’re are more on the fitted side of the scale. They’ll definitely show off and emphasize the muscle.
Next, the hoodie feels warm, but not too warm where I would overheat during a workout. The hoodie is on the snug side around my belly especially, but it shows off my chest and arm and back. I was able to workout and mover very well in the hoodie.
Overall, this super suit design and fit is amazing. I already got compliments on this suit as soon as I walked into the gym. If you wanted a looser fit then I would recommend to size up, but if you want to show off your physique then you came to the right place. I would highly recommend SUPERX to friends. Also I would really like a long sleeve for the BARTON design. I will absolutely be getting more super suits from here.

Matthew Meyer
S4 parker

Okay so this is one of those things that just looks different in person. The photos dont look bad at all. But its nothing like in person. Forget about what its inspired by for a second. This literally makes me feel like i now need some slightly oversized shades, rings for every finger and the need to start a rap career.

SLADE S2 Hoodie
Santhosh Gimel

Can’t ask for anything better.. This suit hugs better than other brands.. I had to go for the large.. If you are a bit athletic built, then this is your suit.. 5 stars for the product and 50 stars for the customer service.

Rigoberto Flores
Barton suit

This Barton suit is legit! Great design, material, and fit. This is my second suit and I plan to keep buying more. Highly recommend.