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Snake Eyes is amazing

I Truly Love my snake eyes Suit. It is by far now my favorite suit from super X and I truly cannot wait till you guys come out with more superhero suits like this, It fits perfectly and Can be worn in In any environment. Thank you so much

Helped me feel like a Power Ranger

Earlier this year, I 3D printed and custom painted a Power Ranger helmet for myself, much to the elation of my inner child. Then, when I saw SuperX's line of Power Ranger SuperSuits, I knew I had to get one to compliment my helmet. It was well worth the wait for the product to arrive, because it feels fantastic and looks even better than I imagined it would on me. SuperX makes quality products and if you're a proud nerd like myself, you will be more than satisfied with what you receive from them.

Words don’t do enough justice

I genuinely couldn’t be happier! I had reservations when I ordered and realised it was a preorder and a 16 week wait, but my god was it worth it. Quality 10/10. Fit/Size 10/10. Detail and design 10/10. Communication regarding the 16 week delay and process 10/10. Delivery once dispatched 10/10. Worth every penny and now looking at what else I want from SuperX

My favorite suits by far.

Amazing fit!

I HIGHLY recommend!


Love it, cool product and extremely comfortable. Best quality

Thanks Superx

I know you are going to be in love with you Storm Shadow gear as much as I am. Thanks Superx for the amazing gear. Again

Love Storm Shadow

I love the Storm Shadow fit so much! More sleeveless hoodies, please!!

Great fit

5'9 200 lbs and this fit feels great. I've gotten great compliments about it. Feels good even in the summer time. I can move great in this suit as well. Great material. Definitely worth the money.

White ranger tiger power!

Finally it is here! It’s morphin time! This is a large size. Fits me well. I thought it was going to be hot but it’s actually pretty cool. I’m 5’7” so was a little concerned how it would fit but it all worked out. I can defs will be jogging in this. Now I can’t wait for the transformers suits.

Snake Eyes

This GI Joe SuperX suit fits perfect. The detailed craftsmanship is top notch. I highly recommend this product. Great job!

Super soft and super tight

I really like the suit overall but don’t think I look that great wearing it. The material is amazingly soft and the design is awesome. Clearly these suits were designed for very fit bodies. Even the XL is very snug and I often fit into size L clothing. I do Crossfit regularly, but still have the love handles and the suit only accentuates them. 😣

Fits well

Love it. Good feel. Soaks up the sweat.

POWER RANGERS™ - Pink Ranger Unisex Shorts (DUP)
Pink Ranger shorts

They fit and feel great I'm 5'10 200lbs n the XL fits great.

SNAKE EYES™️ Collectors Bundle
Jose Moreno
Snake Eyes

Great Suit 😮‍💨 definitely recommend to pick up

David Hernandez
First class craftsmanship

This was my first order from SuperX, and I couldn’t say no to the G.I.Joe licensed Snake Eyes hoodie. Loved the product updates during production, and when I got my ship notice the excitement was palpable. When I received it, I was amazed at the quality of the fabric. The fit was absolutely perfect, and surprisingly super comfortable. My only regret was not ordering the matching cargo pants! Essential clothing for anyone who is active, who travels, or who wants to be fashionable.

STORM SHADOW™️ Collectors Bundle
Tang nguyen @catman76
White Ninja

Great track suit. Love the cutoff sleeves to show off my arms. Fits great and very comfortable.

STORM SHADOW™️ Collectors Bundle
Jacob Vega
Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow is my all time favorite character, this was a must buy. I do not usually wear any kind of jogging pants for gym or home. But these feel so good, and look damn awesome. Perfect for the gym and some cosplay. I will be wearing these for every leg day from now on. I'm excited to see what other fandom SuperX will do in the future. I have attached a few pictures as well

SNAKE EYES™️ - Collectors Bundle
Spectacular style

I've loved Snake-Eyes since my big brother gave me my first action figure when I was like 3. Now I can finally wear his look. This fit is so light, silky smooth and bad ass, that it's definitely giving me the motivation to work out and get back into shape.

SNAKE EYES™️ - Hoodie
George B.
Light and smooth AF

Got the Snake-Eyes set, and the whole thing feels light and silky. Exactly what I'd expect from this company, and to be based on such a BA character. You guys definitely made Snake-Eyes proud.

SNAKE EYES™️ - Hoodie
Snake Eyes

This Snake Eyes SuperSuit is awesome!! I am excited to start training in this Tracksuit!!!

SNAKE EYES™️ - Hoodie
Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow is my favorite G I Joe Character! I can’t wait to start training in this SuperSuit!!!

SNAKE EYES™️ - Collectors Bundle
Perfect fit

Fits perfectly, it’s so comfortable and breathable I have 0 issues with it I love how it feels

ALTER EGO Performance Tech Shorts with Liner
Jackson Alpert
Tested and loved

Wore them to the gym along side my snake eyes hoodie and really felt comfortable and stole wearing it all

It’s Morphin’ time

Absolutely in love with the power ranger gear! Works for cosplay and fitness

SNAKE EYES™️ Collectors Bundle
Titan Tracksuit

I Absolutely love my Titan SuperSuit! Can’t wait to start training in this!!!!!