Arnold's Schwarzenegger's Official Home Workout

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Let's start with the obvious... Arnold Schwarzeneggers physique and muscular size was primarily built through resistance weight training (as the majority of impressive physiques are), however that doesn't mean he didn't train at home with body weight exercises. In fact, in a recent interview he says that during gym closures, holidays, sickness or any other event that didn't allow him to make it to the gym, he still trained hard using nothing but his own bodyweight as tools and outlines EXACTLY what he did, which is what we are going to provide you today!


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Arnolds Official Home Workout

If an exercise says 50 reps, you are doing 50 reps however you can. You can do 10 sets of 5 reps, 5 sets of 10 reps, 2 sets of 25 reps. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you finish 50 reps with perfect form. Once you complete the reps of one exercise, move on to the next exercise. A note on form: if you cheat at an exercise, you are only cheating yourself. Don’t let your ego do the movements for you. You might want to show off to me or your friends and do 50 push-ups in one
set, but if you can’t do them with perfect form, I’ll be more impressed by 5 sets of 10 perfect push-ups.I have given repetition guidelines for beginners who don’t train very often and for more advanced trainers. But if you have actually never worked out, spend your first few workouts just getting used to the movements. Adjust the exercises for yourself - if a push-up is too much, instead of putting your hands on the floor, put them on a counter to make the movement a little easier. If a dip between chairs is too much, use your feet on the floor to take some
of the weight off of your upper body. Don’t feel bad about working your
way up to the full workout - we all start somewhere.You aren’t adding weight like you would be in the gym, but you can still track your progress. If you could do 5 perfect push-ups today, do 6 in your next workout. Track the number of sets it takes you each time to hit your total reps, and watch as the number of sets goes down over time.
Exercise 1: Pushups - 50 reps
Exercise 2: Dips between Chairs - 50 reps
Exercise 3: Rows between Chairs - 50 reps
Exercise 4: Sit Ups - 100 reps
Exercise 5: Bent Leg Raises - 50 reps
Exercise 6: Bent Over Twists - 50 reps
Exercise 7: Squat - 50 reps
Exercise 8: Calf Raises - 50 reps 
Exercise 9: Chin Ups - 30 reps
*Vintage never before seen arnold home workout shots

Final Word

While this workout is challenging, do not think this workout alone will allow you to achieve a body like Arnold's or a significant increase in muscle mass. This workout is great for when you cannot access the gym or are just starting your fitness journey and want to start building your strength prior to entering the gym. This workout can add some serious results if combined with your normal workout routine as it targets the full body and due to the high volume, will burn calories!

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Ola amigos de mujeres💪
I do this routines every a day and my body gets real nice.
I get a so strong I do double the times each exercise now.
Ones day I squat 150 tines and lost my 💩 movement pero it ok.
Arnold workout real nice.

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