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Utility Training Vest
Charles Brown
Utility Vest

Super lightweight yet very sturdy! Much better for running than having a backpack on!

Michael Gumberg
Assassin Origin Hoodie

Height - 5' 11"
Weight - 170
Size - Medium

Glad to know the sizing tool SuperX uses is accurate! Was worried a medium would be too small but it's form fitting as it should be. Material is soft and breathable and the zipper is very sturdy. Quality wise, 10/10. My only concern is that there's no seem along the bottom, so maybe there's a chance it could tear if I'm not careful. It's definitely unique compared to other hoodies with the zipper being off-center. There is some excess material because of this but it's easy enough to straighten out by giving the collar a tug. Overall, very happy with it! Going to be great for running when temperatures get cooler again.

CASTLE Long Sleeve
Thomas Stevens
Castle suit!

I love the shirt! Feels like the hoodies but lighter and thinner but definitely has some weight compared to the performance long sleeve. Movement is incredible.

TODD Hoodie
Matthew Sanchez
Feels and looks fantastic

I was a little hesitant at first but a friend of mine showed me his Todd and I knew I had to give it a try. I’m 5’9 145 And the medium fits great before working out and waiting to feel the during . Definitely buying more .

Kaleem Ansari

I love the aesthetics/design of the shirt. Really fits on your body as hero clothes should. Definitely ordering one in white. Would also love to see other colors in this shirt other than the standard black/white.

WAYNE Series 3 Hoodie
Enrique Mercado
Surpassed Expectations

This hoodie completely surpassed my expectations. This material this fabric that is used is literally on par more so than that of Nike. I definitely will be adding more hoodies to my collection. Superx for the win

Deaven Kim
Great quality

Got the assassin hoodie I’m last week and turned out to be better than expected! The cloth texture is really nice. It’s very thin but also very warm at the same time. Definitely recommend them!

ORIGIN Assassin Hoodie
Delinor Smith
Killing it!

At first I was a little nervous because I have big arms and a tiny waist. But wow does this look good. Very stretchy and I love how it feels on my arms! It has a weight to it and very good quality! It fits snug but not too tight around my chest and shoulders. And my arms don’t obliterate the seams. It’s a great hoodie. (And I hate hoodies!) I look pretty bad-a$$ in the gym. (Pin intended) love it! Will definitely buy again from this company! I would love for it to have more of a tapered waist. But It still looks good.

PARKER Series 3 Hoodie
Harris Miller
With great power...

This Parker suit was my first purchase. I knew how awesome it looked from the pictures, but I had no idea just how high quality this suit was going to be! The fit, stitching and material quality are all next level! I swear I’m not taking this thing off. If you’re thinking about pulling the trigger, do it! You won’t regret it.

PARKER Series 3 Hoodie
Vic Velazquez
Stan Lee quality design!

Such an amazing and comfortable sweater. The material is stretchy and soft. My favorite piece of clothing I own! I feel like the webslinger himself! Marijane where you at!?

TODD Hoodie
Jay Williams
Fits like a glove!!!

I'm 6'3 255. I have an XL. Fits good probably could've got an XXL for alittle more room. On chest day the zipper starts to unzip.

Great fit and look

Castle Cargo pants. I was worried at first that these would be too hot, as it's not very cold here in March (52° this morning). But after a few minutes they were still comfortable to take a jog in. I love having 5 functional zip pockets (the design changed, so it's no longer snap pockets for the cargo pouches). In my regular shorts, my keys flap around, but in these they stay pressed in place. The only detail I find odd is the crotch zipper flap, as there is no zipper. Other than that, these pants are comfortable and functional.

ROGERS V2 Hoodie
Kyle (the model)
Coolest Tracksuit I've Ever Used

I want to preface this review by saying I am the model in the ROGERS V2 photos, so I got the chance to wear the suit for a couple days and I actually ended up buying the suit but since this is a Custom Built Pre Order product, I wanted to give my opinion and experience of this product to help give clarity on the quality, sizing, look and feel of the ROGERS V2. Enjoy

LOOK 5/5
As a Captain America fan, I have to admit that this design immediately spoke to me as both obvious inspiration while maintaining a cool look that I would actually want to wear in real life. A lot of the designs SuperX has are bright or colorful (which I wouldn't wear personally) but this design is perfect for low key use. It's flawless in my opinion .

While I love the design, I was blown away with the quality and complexity of the ROGERS. I have modeled for them before but let me tell you, this is the best quality and craziest product they've ever launched. You literally won't realize all the small details and amazing features until you get it. It seems like it should cost 2-3x as much as it does. The quality alone justifies the price in this one.

The fabric is similar to their other products, very flexible, moveable and odlly enough; breathable. You can wear this running, lifting, doing MMA or just casual use. I wore it for workouts and it was great, it did not ride up or restrict movement.

FIT 5/5
The fit is the same as their other products. I am 5'10" 179lbs and wore a medium. It's slim fit around your muscles but the length is longer than a traditional medium, this ensures the product doesn't ride up during workouts.

The quality, fit and feel are fantastic and a great quality product. The only reason I would say you shouldn't get this is if you don't like the design but if you like the design and want a quality product that will last years, this is the suit for you. I know the wait for your custom suit pre order sucks but trust me, if you love the design, it will be worth it.

Enjoy everyone.

Cool Shirt!

The design is simple but unique because of the bottom of the shirt. It reminds me of the Under Armour Kind of gearSteve Rogers wears in the movies when we see him out of suit.

TODD Bundle
Top Quality!

Some of the nicest gear I own! The thumb hole in the sleeve is a nice little touch. I have yet to use the training vest but it looks and feels great. I prefer the bright, vibrant colors so this red is really nice!

The Joggers are really nice! It fits comfy (I’m 5’5”, am about 160, wear 29-30 pants/shorts and wear medium). I really like this one because I prefer the bright, vibrant colored super suits. The green is so nice!

Great Hoodie

I generally prefer full-zip or no zipper but the half-zip isn’t bad. It fits comfy (I’m 5’5” and about 160 and wear medium). I really like this one because I prefer the bright, vibrant colored super suits. The green is so nice!

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Anthony Jolivette
The Stewart

Can't remembered if I left a review for this but I love the design of the Stewart suit. A lot of people weren't fans of the pullover design, but I actually prefer pullovers so I loved it.
The green isn't too overpowering. And you can look at the suit and tell it's green lantern. And with my beard and bald head I really feel like John Stewart ha. I'm 5'9 250lbs and wearing a XXL top with a XL bottom.

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WAYNE Series 3 Hoodie
Anthony Jolivette
Surpassed my expectations yet again

The Wayne hoodie/joggers were the first suit I ever saw from SuperX a couple years ago. I couldn't get it because they didn't make my size at the time. So when they rereleased V3 in the now bigger sizes of course I jumped on the opportunity.

The quality is great just like the other products, and I'm loving the "secret pockets". Makes me feel like Batman utilizing them.
I'm 5'9 250lbs wearing a XXL top with XL bottoms.

TODD Hoodie
Benny Lam
Coolest looking hoodie

This is one the coolest, high quality hoodie I've received. As soon as you hold the hoodie in your hand, you can feel the quality. It's quite thicker and longer than your average hoodie. When you wear it, it wraps around your body like a snug glove. Feels amazing!

Constructive criticism:
While I love all the extra zipper pockets, the one button pocket with no zipper is quite strange. I feel like stuff might fall out because it's not secured with a zipper. It certainly looks cool and is functional, that button pocket isn't for me.

Overall, it's a great hoodie and you should definitely get one.

I am 5'5" , 120 lb, wearing a small for both hoodie and joggers.

TODD Super Suit

Overall, great fit and utilization of pockets! I'm really pleased with how this turned out as far as durability, color, and comfort. The only thing I would say is a bummer, is that I wish the suit came with other patches like "SuperX" and SuperX lightning logo to swap out for some of the "Todd" patches. Can't wait for the next suit!

Chris Logan

Nice fit, good length.

Best supersuit I've owned!

First and foremost, spiderman is my favorite all-time hero. So I obviously wanted to get this when it came out.
My expectations for this suit are exceeded well beyond what I thought it would be like.

The colour of this suit is super bright!!!
Perfect for spiderman.
Quality is superb. Soft fabric, enough strechiness and very flexible to move around in.

The only drawback would have to be not with the suit but the fact I live in Canada and have to pay $60USD in duties to have it come here.
Nothing against superx its not their fault obviously, just be aware for anyone in Canada that you'll need to pay for duties.

Thanks superx once again for making another happy customer!!!

I got a Medium top and bottom. I'm 160lbs 5'11.


All the pictures do not do this thing justice! The colors are bright, and the look is so sharp. It totally fees like a super suit when you put it on. The quality is fantastic and the look is completely unique. The fit is great. These clothes are all cut for an athletic physique and fit snug and comfortable. All of the items I’ve purchased from SuperX have been well worth the price and the wait. I got the Parker joggers as well, and they are great in their own right.

Beyond what I expected!

So I finally got my suit and I wanted to say how fantastic it turned out! The material is so comfortable. I love all the pockets and the design is on point! It was worth the wait.