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The Stewart

The best joggers I’ve ever had they’re comfortable and don’t limit your range of motion at all while training. The same goes for the hoodie and shirt easily the best gym clothes I’ve ever spent money on.

The Stewart - GL Review

A Green Lanterns Uniform
I'm a big Green Lantern fan! So when I came across a workout tracksuit in the image of one of the greatest Green Lanterns, I had to check it out. At first I was a bit skeptical as I only discovered this brand through IG but those initial feelings immediately wore off when I found that their whole line was dedicated to the greatest superheroes ever written! After going over the site I was given more confidence in the quality and the brand and after placing my order in a few months ago, I was finally excited to get my order a few days ago. I get it, its custom built and it takes time to make a super suit!

Opening up the package I could already that it was good quality. It doesn't feel like a costume piece; as in something you would only wear to a comic convention that was cheaply made for profit. It feels durable enough for a serious workout. I'm based on the east coast so it currently winter here but I decided to take it for a test run and found some interesting results. For starters, I ordered a medium in the hoodie and pant and it fits slim; its not so slim where it feels uncomfortable but slim to where it can properly fit the contours of my body. Again, not uncomfortable but slimming and I love that. The zipper on the hoodie feels tough and the hood is big enough to cover my head. The jogger is comfortable and it feels like its lined with fleece so its runs a bit warm. This isn't an issue for me now, as I just had to put on a base layer and I was ready to go for my run. The zipper on the bottom leg pant is a great touch and the pockets close to the thigh are a great feature.

Overall I was blown away by the amazing material, function, and brand and know I will be ordering more in the near future. If they have any plans to release a Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner, then I'll be set with a whole new workout wardrobe for 2021. Hope this helps anyone who is on the sidelines of ordering a super suit, like I was, but I can tell you, its worth the wait.

Queen V2: Did Not Fail This City

I'm a huge Green Arrow fan, so when they designed this one based on the suit Stephen Amell wore in season 8 of the CW's Arrow tv show, I had to get it. The suit itself is great. Very comfortable, and much softer than you'd expect. The design changes from their previous suits (shorter arms, softer stitch lines) are huge plus for me, as the Brock hoodie I have from one of the original runs has almost monkey-length arms and for me personally, very uncomfortable stitching. As soon as I got this thing, I couldn't resist snapping a picture with my gloves and bow. As soon as I can get back to my Ninja Warrior gym, this will be my go-to suit! Zach and the gang did a great job with this one!

Great athletic fit

Feels premium, great stretch material, athletic cut. Only thing is the shirt doesn't hug my wrists. More than likely because I'm built like a DBZ character with skinny wrists. Happy with my purchase. About to grab the red hood next!

Great Suit, fit is good

I like the fit on this. Bought the recommended size based on my measurements. I usually get a medium even though with a lot of brands I’m a Large. Got the Large Queen V2 and it fits really well. I love the colors.

Amazing product for a first time shopping experience

My Queen V2 hoodie arrived the other day. It was my first time shopping with this company, so naturally I was a little concerned. I watched a few reviews and decided to take a chance. I have not regretted that decision.
The jacket is absolutely gorgeous in person, literally like something from the show’s production company. I stand at 5’9 and weigh in between 195/200 when not cutting weight, and the jacket fit nicely...form fitting, but not uncomfortable, and still some space to go. I’ve now worn it for two of my work outs, now and have felt comfortable the whole way through.

My only critique is the photos on the site don’t show how dark the green actually is, but I understand that may have been due to the lighting.

This is not a product you will regret purchasing, and I will be back to order more from this company.


Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve been a huge Daredevil fan for years, bolstered by the release of the Netflix show (#savedaredevil) and was incredibly pleased once I put this hoodie on. It fits great and makes me feel like I’m ready to fight The Hand myself. Thank you guys so much for such a wonderful, durable, and heroic product.



The hoodie is a half zip with a kangaroo pocket so it's different than the other hoodies in that way, but the same materials and same amount of stretch. the joggers are the same as the other joggers as well. Warm but still breathable. The only downside I noticed in the hoodie is that there is no stopper at the bottom so if you pull too hard when taking it off or putting it on the zipper can come off the track and you'll have to line it back up.

Surpassed my expectations again

After buying the Kent suit I had to add another to my collection and the Queen was my next go to. Once again I'm impressed by the quality of not only the hoodie but joggers as well. Got me feeling like a real superhero with the slim fit design. I'm 5'9 265 lbs. The hoodie is XXL and I got XL for the bottoms. With the slim fit design yes it hugs around my midsection but it isn't at all uncomfortable. It's very easy to move around in and is great for not only working out but casual wear as well.

Each Hoodie Precedes the Other

This is my 5th hoodie and I’ve noticed a trend to where the hoodies I buy get better every time. QUEEN is my new favorite and I’m so glad I was able to finally get my hands on one!

Murdock V2 Hoodie

Excellent product! Quality is way better than I was initially expecting. The stitching adds a really cool 3D effect that makes it feel like it is armor. If you want to feel like a superhero you definitely need to get your hands on some superx gear!

Nightwing Style!

Love the Grayson Performance Long Sleeve. Looks great, feels great! Using it as my primary running shirt.

The Kent, in all its glory.

These suits are just something else. While being form fitting they aren’t too tight in the areas that count, and they allow you to move around freely. So insanely happy to not only own this one, but many many others from SuperX. The Kent is by far my favorite suit to date. 10/10


I put it on and suddenly I can’t see anymore. 10/10

Ready to make the world the devils playground

I was skeptical but Murdock looked too cool not to order...and I was not disappointed! Incredibly comfortable athletic fit and the materials feel very high quality. Easy to run in or wear while weight training.

Honest Review

I am one of the models for the TODD Tracksuit and since I now own the TODD, I wanted to share my opinion & experience with the suit. First off, since any design is up to the eye of the beholder, let's assume you love the design like I do and let' speak to the quality and features.

The material is very soft, stretchy yet durable for training. From the second you put this suit on, you know it's high quality, unique and not something normal. It feels very special and unlike any training gear I've ever had. It's a solid 10/10 for quality

This hoodie has more features than previous suits before it. From the optional thumb loop in the cuff, to the wide variety of pockets, this makes carrying your phone or other essentials very easy and the hoodie instantly becomes great for utility. Same with the joggers, many pockets for a wide range of options. Overall, features and utility are 9/10

The way Superx does it's product fittings is perhaps my favorite part of all. They go slim fit on the shoulders, arms and chest but leave breathing room on the midsection while ALSO keeping the length of the piece long. Most comapnies that create slim fit products, means it's just a size down from your normal size. Their fitting is pretty awesome because you should get your normal size and it will only be tight around youyr muscles, it wont feel a size smaller, it actually kinda molds to your body. I am 5'10 185lbs with a muscular build and got size medium.

If you love the design, it's a no brainer. From the quality, to the utility of it and the fact they offer a 6 month warranty on any defects. This suit may not be cheap but like they say "You get what you pay for" This has quality and longevity written all over it. 10/10

man of steel hoodie

I love my hoodie! I get a lot people staring in the gym!

This Hoodie Makes Me Feel Born Again

Wow. Just, wow. This hoodie is what made me discover SuperX and I'm so glad that it did. Not only is it incredibly comfortable, it also just looks incredibly awesome. For more detail, check out my video review

Highly Recommend even if you don't workout

Just got my Murdock Hoodie a few days ago and I've legit worn it everyday. Fits like a glove and its such a cool style. When working out tho, it doesn't pull or snag anywhere which is great because I do boxing and weights. And everyone loves the fit on me

Get it, and show everyone the hero you are

Feeling Savage

This is without a doubt my favorite hoodie not only because it looks awesome but because it feels so fitting to the character it’s designed after!

The best hoodie to workout in

I have the Kent and Murdock hoodies as well and I love these. They look fantastic, they’re comfortable, and they’re great to work out in. Aside from working out, these are also just hoodies to wear in general which I do a lot. Highly recommend getting these. Can’t wait for the Todd hoodie. A+

Like the Dark Knight, SUPERX Strikes Again!

This hoodie is just purely awesome. Not only is it reflective of the Caped Crusader, it's also very comfortable and flexible. You'll have no problem jumping over the rooftops of Gotham. Check out my video to know more

First Time Buyer

Definetly not your typical, dainty hoodie. Love the quality on the fabric which really holds the hoodie together while still being semi-breathable. The slick zipper on this bad boy also holds in place fairly well, giving you a nice snug fitting. Bonus on the oversized hood. Its welcoming for my big head.

First time purchase, surely not my last.

Great fit and quality

I love the hoodie! I got the size recommended from their sizing chart and it fits well. I only hang dry it and it has shrunk some but still fits perfectly


Amazed with how this is only complaint is how long it took