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Childhood Dream Unlocked

I'm 5' 9" 190lbs and I purchased the SuperX Yellow Ranger suit in size Large.
OMG, I am absolutely thrilled! It fits fantastic, and the quality is amazing. Did it give me the ability to run, jump, and kick butt like i was expecting? Absofreakinglutely!! 🤣
Seriously though, It definitely unleashed my power moves! 💪👊 I was lookin for putties all day! 🤣 Nothin says I'm ready for action quite like rushing up on my coworkers, hitting that power stance, and shouting "SABER TOOTH TIGER" while I'm rockin this dope Yellow Ranger Suit! I'm currently assembling my team of Rangers to fight evil with me! Gotta go! It's Morphin Time!!

Green Ranger shirt

I finally was able grab me something. I started with the shirt cause I had some birthday cash, perfect little starter to see how great their quality is. Well it's amazing! Has to be the best shirt I've worn in, if not a long long time, then ever! Usually shirts get scratchy for me so I wear a tank top underneath but not this one haha. I love the material and the quality! It's so breathable and feels cool even. The design is just beautiful, the colors pop right out. I also love the slits on the bottom sides.
I'm also weird and love when a store goes all out with their packaging and I LOVE the packaging. The rangers on the back, logo on front *chef's kiss*

I plan on grabbing up all the green, maybe even white but me and white with a 3yr old might get messy, and black as soon the rest of my funds are in.
And I'm praying hard for a restock of green v1 and black I NEED those pants!

Thanks for the amazing work guys! You got a fan and customer out of me instantly! Keep doing amazing work!

Pink Power Jogger pants

These joggers are so amazing and very comfortable I really love them a lot. I am a huge Power Ranger fan.

I love the new super suit

It feels amazing and the material is strong. It is so form fitting my first gym workout yesterday I had 10 girls ask me where I got the suit


I absolutely loved this suit! Childhood dreams come true!! Got compliments on it. The pull over runs about a half size bigger. I ordered a large but could have def pulled off a medium. I was able to exchange my large for a medium. The last one in stock. Can’t wait!

Red Ranger SuperX Suit

Wore my suit on two different occasions: Handling Austin St. John’s (The OG Red Ranger) table at Pasadena Comic Con and to Activate Gaming. Both times the suit made my experience one to remember. I also constantly get compliments and get asked where I get them from! Definitely getting more and just ordered the white ranger set and the green ranger v2!

Red Ranger Set

Wore my suit on two different occasions: Handling Austin St. John’s (The OG Red Ranger) table at Pasadena Comic Con and to Activate Gaming. Both times the suit made my experience one to remember. I also constantly get compliments and get asked where I get them from! Definitely getting more and just ordered the white ranger set and the green ranger v2!

Grayson long sleeve, todd v3

For the Grayson long sleeve I am 165cm 58kg . I wear size xs. My opinion is go size up one size because it is athletic fit, It will more comfortable. May be I prefer the relaxed fit
For the todd v3
I can say it perfect. It fit me well, comfortable, love it

Fits Perfect !

I got medium top and bottom and fits like a dream. I’m 5’8 175lbs. It feels like a soft good material with a-little weight which I like personally. I overall just love it.

Great Products

I really like the look and feel of the Blue Ranger style hoodie and joggers. I haven't gotten overheated during intense and sweaty workouts like I normally would with cotton sweats. I really do feel like I am about to smash some putty patrolers with this fit. Very satisfied.

Black Ranger repping

I love my super suit. It fits perfectly and very comfortable. I can see myself getting another one!!!!

Blue Ranger Hoodie and Joggers

Great fit in both the hoodie and the joggers. Both are very comfortable and I love the texture. Great quality.

Totally Awesome!

I got a M hoodie S joggers (5’8” 160lbs)prolly should’ve swapped those.
But room to grow a chest though right! 😜👍🏻
Feels pretty nice so soft also stretchy very nice deep pockets just super happy to have a set =]

Top tier

They definitely hit the mark with this one. It took a while to get here but you’ll see why once you put it on. From the material to the fit it’s all amazing.


Affirmative this gear will give you the powers of the Morphin Grid and give you the strength to tackle the gym, the groceries, putties or just lounge around the house. Whatever evil forces come your way for the day wear this amazingly comfortable gear. Fits amazing and comfort is beyond the grid!

It’s awesome!!!

To be honest the suit is a bit pricy and the wait to receive it is a bit long, but it’s definitely worth it! I love my green ranger super suit! Fits great and feels great too. I just purchased the saiyan prince super suit as well! Can’t wait for it to get here!

Melanin Bolt.

I had been skeptical about ordering from SuperX at first, mostly because they seemed too good to be true. Once I decided to take the plunge, I got hooked. My most recent purchase was a blend of two different items that somehow blended together so well and I gave myself a nickname: Melanin Bolt. I blended the Adam Detachable Hoodie with the Logan V2 Joggers.


Totally worth the wait for my black ranger hoodie. It took its time to be made but once it was completed shipping was quick! I will for sure buy more here, I get so many compliments! I never review anything, but this deserves it.

Excellent quality

Great quality outfit. I had a very minor stitch issue that I fixed with a pair of scissors but otherwise the quality is outstanding, fit and feel are great, and they are great at annoying my wife who constantly has to put up with things like me buying and wearing a power rangers outfit to the gym.

It's Morphin Time

I'm 5ft 8 weighing 13st. I ordered a medium and it fits perfectly. It is a snug fit. The material and stitching are good quality and it's comfortable to wear. It'll be interesting to see how the crotch stitching holds up to regular martial arts practice. The only fault is the right zip on the hoodie pocket doesn't fully reach the top. It stops short by about 15mm, catching on the stitching of the stomach panels. Overall I absolutely love it. I'm so glad that my spur of the moment purchase payed off. I live in England, so a warning to UK buyers that Duties and Taxes are an additional £67.

Friggin tightttt

This has exceeded any and every expectation I could have. I drunk bought two pair for my friend and I and he didn’t even know I ordered it. We were both gobsmacked. Our only regret is we didn’t get all the colors (maybe not blue). I hope it gets done a second go


Went to a gaming convention and got so many compliments from people. Feels great fit and high quality.

DJ Green Ranger in the house!!!

Got both the Green Ranger hoodie and joggers (wearing hoodie in pic) in size large. I was skeptical about the pricing myself until I got them, the material is high quality and amazing attention to detail. This is worth every penny! I plan on getting more when they do a restock or a second version. Definitely recommend going a size up from the size chart recommendation. Customer service was awesome as I ordered medium and realized I needed large after order was placed and they had no problem updating my order before shipping!


I love the new suit. I'm going to be buying one of the blue ranger suits as well. I bought the parker set in 2xl and the zip up hoodie was a little too tight on me. But the pullover style hoodie in 3xl fits great. I've already worn it to the gym a few times and have gotten compliments on it.

Legit fit

This is a must have… buy it