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I purchased a Parker S4 SuperSuit and have to say that everything about it is amazing. High quality craftsmanship that is only paralleled by other top tier workout gear. This is not a cheap knock off. Although I was skeptical about how it would feel/fit before my purchase, all my reservations were lifted upon receiving it. Not only is it very stylish and appeals to the hero in all of us, but movement is not restricted during workouts. I received so many compliments on it too.

For reference, I am 5’8” and 173 pounds. The hoodie is a M and fits like a glove. I would recommend a compression shirt to wear underneath as a t shirt may bunch up. The joggers are also M, but I may size down on my next joggers purchase because I like them to fit a bit more snug. M is still a good fit, but snug is just my own preference. Sizing down will also allow the joggers to end more near my ankles than reach the bottom of my foot.

I highly recommend this to anyone looking for stylish and functional workout gear. I would give more stars if I could. I also like the idea that each product is limited. The only downside is if a style sells out, you have to wait for the next SuperSuit that catches your interest.

Javier Antela
The most beautiful hoodie I’ve gotten

I’m obsessed with SuperX hoodies. After the Wilson was such a great success and I got insane compliments on it, I had to get this Parker hoodie. I was blown away by how gorgeous it is. The design is stunning, and of course, it’s super comfortable.


They absolutely killed it with this set! It also happens to be my first one from them, but I have the full Rogers set on the way too. Who else copped the Odinson S2 👀

The detail is unlike any workout gear I've ever owned before. Amazing ⚡🤙

Jacket, tank top and joggers are all size small, and for reference I'm 173cm and 70kg. The only size I've changed with my Rogers order is increasing the jacket to a size Medium because I feel the small is a little tight for everyday wear on me.

Let me know if you have any more questions about this set.

Discount code "CEJAYG" for 10% off SUPERX gear! (Link via my Instagram cejay_grundy_fitness🔥)

Kevin Cruz
Awesome Workout Fit!!!

The quality on the apparel is phenomenal!!! You can totally tell that they did not skip out on the material. I already got people saying I look like a superhero! I am 5’8” and weigh 165 and medium on top and bottom fits me well. I would buy from them again when I see another fit that I like!

PANTHER Seamless Longsleeve
Ashley Casper
Makes you feel so powerful!

I decided to get this whole fit because my brother had one and it looked super comfortable! I was so happy upon receiving mine to find that the quality of this piece was incredible, and the compression is amazing!! I really wish you guys had more compression ware because I absolutely loved the fit of the top and the bottoms. I felt really secure, the outfit made me feel confident, plus I thought it was super stylish! I dressed it up for fun, but I also have been able to wear it out on hikes and such! I got the medium shirt and leggings, and for reference I am a 5'7 female who weighs 150lbs. Seriously cannot rave enough about the quality of the item. If you're thinking about getting it, do it! Compression looks good on everyone!

QUEEN S3 Hoodie
Justin Doze

Ngl I'd seen ads for these workout track suits in the past and was skeptical but after actually getting my hands on the QueenS3 (admittedly due to not being patient enough to wait for the Rodgers supersuit that started me off on my superx journey) nothing could prepare me for how truly amazing the quality of these suits are. From the way it sits on the body to the cut and materials used. I can tell that the wait time is definitely warranted now and definitely look forward to buying more suits in the future. Actually went on the WB studio tour wearing the suit and got alot of looks/compliments! If you're on the fence don't wait you'll definitely wanna grab some of the best suits before they're gone!

WAYNE S4 Joggers
Fares Al mutairi

I am not over exaggerating when i say this could be one of the best gym outfit ive ever purchased.
At first i was concerned the price might have been to much, but i quickly realized it is worth every penny!
The wayne super suit has many good pockets just like an actual utility belt! ;) Can’t wait to purchase from you guys in the future and i cant wait to see all the other suits you bring up!
I hope one day if i ever get big i would love to advertise your products for free!

SUPERX did NOT fail this city

I’ve yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve received from SUPERX. They really out did themselves with this supersuit though. I’m bummed I missed out on the first two QUEEN hoodies, this more than makes up for it though with the way this fits, how awesome it feels to put on, and how great it looks. Keep making awesome quality products & I’ll keep buying them!

QUEEN S3 Hoodie
Nathan Oest
The Queen

I got my Queen SuperSuit and I couldn’t be happier with this design. The look is spot on a mix between the arrow suit and the green arrow suit from the comics. This suit will definitely make you feel like your the Emerald Archer. 10/10

Post serum Shot

It fits well, definitely going to wear this all day!

KENT Hoodie
My first suit after 2 years

The suit that started it all for me. After 2 years, The KENT is still my favorite amongst all the other ones I’ve gotten. This just shows the quality, R&D, and love that SuperX puts in their suits. The stitching is still superb! Color is not faded albeit I put a lot of care into my suits. Overall I still think this design has aged really well compared to the other suits they came out recently. Come get a KENT and add it to your collection! Won’t be disappointed!

QUEEN S3 Bundle
William Shook
Don't Fail Your City!

This QUEEN S3 has replaced my former favorite DC-inspired suit the TODD to fill the #1 spot. Why? Because it is f***ing awesome! Everything from the color, design, shape, fit, quality, stitching, but to be honest the smallest thing but the biggest design bonus is the arrowhead shaped cuffs - completes the whole look. If you miss out on this suit... well, DON'T FAIL YOUR CITY!

Excellent Hoodie!!

I received my hoodie today, one week after ordering, and I love it! It fits great, the colors and material are all top notch. Customer service was very responsive and helped me immediately resolve my initial concerns. I will be ordering from this shop again!

QUEEN S3 Hoodie
Gabriel Nolan
Awesome fit and great materials

Can't wait to get bigger and really fill out my super suit, it already fits great straight out of the box and the material is top quality, I will be buying more in the future!

Feelin’ like a Super Soldier

Fit is true to size, four pockets leaves anyone with plenty if options for headphones or your phone. 6’1” 190 lbs and I’m a Medium. Careful choosing your size, you’ll regret it if you pop some seams.

Awesome Shirt (as always)

The Rogers long-sleeve is a great shirt. The fabric is a very light material and very comfortable. The style is unmistakable. Looks just like Cap's suit from the Winter Soldier. If you're anything like me and have spent a long time training to look like a superhero, then SuperX adds the final touch. Well done!


Excellent I recommend everyone to purchase from this website

Another great suit!

After a full back and bis workout (plus cardio) I can say the new Rogers long-sleeve is my favorite of the performance shirts. The wicking material is great, but it also feels more like a normal shirt. Mine is a 2xl (262 lbs, 5 foot 10) and it is snug without being restrictive and even a little baggy in the core. It is much longer than I need, however.

If I have one small gripe it's the zippers on the arms. Pockets are great for an iPod or a small phone, but when you get a pump in your arms, even without anything in the pockets, the zippers will drift open.

I give it a 5 out of 5, it's worth every penny! Use code AndrewBelet to get 10% off the whole store!

William Shook
MORE Rebirth!!!

As far as joggers go, outside the themed joggers, these are dope af! If there were color variations to go along with other suits or as part of a "REBIRTH" line, I will get more. They're light, flexible (stretchy), and feel great. Even during an extremely hot NC day working out in the garage, they were comfortable, not preferable, but definitely comfortable. You won't be disappointed.

Greek god of the sea.

The Poseidon performance long sleeve, and really the entire Greek Gods collection, is amazing. The fit, feel, and design(s) are amazing. For this one, in particular, the color doesn't 'pop', but it fits perfect with the overall design; it's powerful, it's fluid. Out of the three, POSEIDON is my favorite.

WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Davis Rodriguez

Excellent I recommend everyone to purchase from this website



WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Time to suit up

I remember wanting to get a supersuit way back when the first waves were released, but the timing never quite worked out. Finally this year after seeing Sean Gordon Murphy in the Deathstroke suit, I decided to pick up the Wayne S4 as The Batman was being released. Fits like a glove and moves easily through every exercise I’ve done with it on. Worth every penny!

Also have to mention that Iris Kyle stopped me during the workout to ask where I got it, and if it’s good enough for 10x Ms.Olympia…..👀🔥

WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Brendan D
I am the night!

Where do I even start? This hoodie is fantastic! It fits like a dream, it has so many pockets and zippers for on the go and not to mention the thing just looks badass! I think this hoodie quite possibly could replace my original Parker hoodie as my top pick for the day. You guys continue to just knock it out of the park! 💪🦇

WAYNE S4 Hoodie
Geared Up!!!!

Extremely pleased with the quality of work!!! I definitely turn heads in this gear.. I will have to probably make a special closet for all my suits.😂😂😂