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White Ninja

Great track suit. Love the cutoff sleeves to show off my arms. Fits great and very comfortable.

Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow is my all time favorite character, this was a must buy. I do not usually wear any kind of jogging pants for gym or home. But these feel so good, and look damn awesome. Perfect for the gym and some cosplay. I will be wearing these for every leg day from now on. I'm excited to see what other fandom SuperX will do in the future. I have attached a few pictures as well

SNAKE EYES™️ - Collectors Bundle
Spectacular style

I've loved Snake-Eyes since my big brother gave me my first action figure when I was like 3. Now I can finally wear his look. This fit is so light, silky smooth and bad ass, that it's definitely giving me the motivation to work out and get back into shape.

SNAKE EYES™️ - Hoodie
George B.
Light and smooth AF

Got the Snake-Eyes set, and the whole thing feels light and silky. Exactly what I'd expect from this company, and to be based on such a BA character. You guys definitely made Snake-Eyes proud.

SNAKE EYES™️ - Hoodie
Snake Eyes

This Snake Eyes SuperSuit is awesome!! I am excited to start training in this Tracksuit!!!

SNAKE EYES™️ - Hoodie
Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow is my favorite G I Joe Character! I can’t wait to start training in this SuperSuit!!!

SNAKE EYES™️ - Collectors Bundle
Perfect fit

Fits perfectly, it’s so comfortable and breathable I have 0 issues with it I love how it feels

Tested and loved

Wore them to the gym along side my snake eyes hoodie and really felt comfortable and stole wearing it all

It’s Morphin’ time

Absolutely in love with the power ranger gear! Works for cosplay and fitness

Titan Tracksuit

I Absolutely love my Titan SuperSuit! Can’t wait to start training in this!!!!!

Love this shirt!

I love the material and the fact that it has a more compression feel to it. I like the streamlined V design of the stitching and the blue is growing on me. Love the way I feel when I work out in it! YouTube video placeholder
POWER RANGERS™️ - White Ranger Hoodie (OG)
Asani Bailey

This came a day before my birthday last month, and I’m really loving it! Can’t wait to get the joggers for a matching set!

MARK Performance Longsleeve
Miles Montrose
The Mark

HOLY S@!T THIS SHIRT IS AWESOME. I ordered a large. This shirt isn’t just tight in the right placed it feels like a second skin!

180 cm tall, 95 kg weight

the supersuit is comfortable to wear. please also ship from europe to save customs costs. 😉

DIANA Performance Jacket
Wonder Woman

I got this for my mom as she loves wonder woman and she likes working out too, it's the perfect jacket for her and she genuinely loves it so much, she's so glad to be able to have a place to put her phone when she's running, she likes the way it fits, says its comfortable too, I think it has thumb holes too. Thanks SuperX for an awesome product

RANGERS!!!!!!! "Zordon voice"

Man these suits are amazing! Will definitely have to post wearing more of these!

The Red Ranger Joggers are Amazing!

This is my first product from SuperX, and I will say these are the best quality joggers! They have a great feel and easy to wear for all day. The material is perfect for workouts that involve a ton of movement because they stretch and move with you which limits restrictions and keeps you comfortable. And obviously the Power Ranger design is awesome!

Under the red hood

Todd V2 joggers fit amazing 🙌 definitely worth the wait

Sun out, guns out

I got so many compliments from the way the QUEEN cutoff made my arms look big! Love it!

Fits like a glove

The ROGERS suit fits like a glove and contours with my body as I trained back and biceps. Super comfy!

Childhood Dream Unlocked

I'm 5' 9" 190lbs and I purchased the SuperX Yellow Ranger suit in size Large.
OMG, I am absolutely thrilled! It fits fantastic, and the quality is amazing. Did it give me the ability to run, jump, and kick butt like i was expecting? Absofreakinglutely!! 🤣
Seriously though, It definitely unleashed my power moves! 💪👊 I was lookin for putties all day! 🤣 Nothin says I'm ready for action quite like rushing up on my coworkers, hitting that power stance, and shouting "SABER TOOTH TIGER" while I'm rockin this dope Yellow Ranger Suit! I'm currently assembling my team of Rangers to fight evil with me! Gotta go! It's Morphin Time!!

Green Ranger shirt

I finally was able grab me something. I started with the shirt cause I had some birthday cash, perfect little starter to see how great their quality is. Well it's amazing! Has to be the best shirt I've worn in, if not a long long time, then ever! Usually shirts get scratchy for me so I wear a tank top underneath but not this one haha. I love the material and the quality! It's so breathable and feels cool even. The design is just beautiful, the colors pop right out. I also love the slits on the bottom sides.
I'm also weird and love when a store goes all out with their packaging and I LOVE the packaging. The rangers on the back, logo on front *chef's kiss*

I plan on grabbing up all the green, maybe even white but me and white with a 3yr old might get messy, and black as soon the rest of my funds are in.
And I'm praying hard for a restock of green v1 and black I NEED those pants!

Thanks for the amazing work guys! You got a fan and customer out of me instantly! Keep doing amazing work!

Pink Power Jogger pants

These joggers are so amazing and very comfortable I really love them a lot. I am a huge Power Ranger fan.

I love the new super suit

It feels amazing and the material is strong. It is so form fitting my first gym workout yesterday I had 10 girls ask me where I got the suit


I absolutely loved this suit! Childhood dreams come true!! Got compliments on it. The pull over runs about a half size bigger. I ordered a large but could have def pulled off a medium. I was able to exchange my large for a medium. The last one in stock. Can’t wait!