SUMMER SERIES Status: Step 10 - Quality Check
Estimated Shipping Date: November 27th - December 8th

Production takes around 12-16 weeks to complete.
The above date is when orders will start shipping. Not a delivered by date.



Just like a skyscraper requires an architect to create blue prints, so does your Super Suit. As you can tell by looking at your suit, the design is unique. Each design needs to then be translated into Blue Prints. This week we have finalized the Blue Prints of your Super Suit. Take a look below for an in depth examination of your Super Suit, let us know if you have any questions or concerns.
Below is an example of the blueprints (NOT THE ACTUAL BLUEPRINTS FOR YOUR SUIT)



Now that the blueprints for your supersuit are complete, the next step is fabric selection. Think of fabric as the frame of your supersuit. When building a car, before you paint, put the engine in and all the details, you first need to create your frame. When selecting fabric for our supersuits, our first thought is "what is the purpose of this specific piece?" By asking this question we can select the best fabric possible. Most companies use the least expensive fabric to save money and only focus on the design or print on their item. As you can tell, we don't sell products by having our logos placed everywhere. Our customers keep coming back to us because of the surprising quality of our fabric."What is the purpose of this Supersuit?"

When creating your suit, the most important factors are: Creating a functional piece that can stretch and move during exerciseUtilizing a fabric that can keep your body temperature warm or cool depending on the weather, Ensuring a thick padding fabric that shade and accentuate your muscles (shoulders, chest, arms & back)Comfort during exercise and regular wear with these main factors to consider.

We chose a blend of Cotton, Polyester, & Spandex. These fabrics are best suited for what our desired outcome is. Now that you understand the Fabric of your super suit, you can rest assured that from the ground up we use premium materials. Our goal is not just to create gear that looks cool, our mission is to create high quality gear that will last for years to come.


Now that we've selected the Premium Fabric for your super suit, the next step is Fabric Dying. When you look at any of our products, you'll notice the bold colors that match the hero. These colors are not accident, let me explain....

Most companies use "stock fabric" which means whatever color is already available. This is cheaper but leads to an off color, for example imagine wanting a Superman Hoodie but the colors are not the same color tone as his suit, you're left with a weird color combination..... Yikes. That is what is most commonly done becuase it's cheap but that's not what we do.

Because the heart of our products is the inspired hero, we study the color of the suit in Comics and Movies. We then match that same EXACT color and create a color code to determine the EXACT color. Now that we have the exact color code, we then dye the fabric to match the correct color. Custom dying each fabric is expensive and timely but getting the correct color is important to achieve the look of the hero. See below for an EXAMPLE picture of this process.....

WEEK 4 & 5

Now that we've selected your fabrics and dyed them; it's now time to bring those blueprints from Step 1 back. This week we have cut the fabric to the specified blueprints for your size. This step is one of the most complicated because any error in the cutting process can result in a product defect. Our fabric experts take great care in this step to ensure precise specifications to your super suit.
See below for a behind the scenes look into the cutting process of your suit

WEEK 6 & 7

One of the most important things that makes our products different than all others is 3D Stitching. Nobody is doing it except us.

What is 3D Stitching?

If you take a look at any of our Supersuits, you'll notice a very unique pattern of abs, muscles, armor, cuts etc. This Armor-like pattern can be achieved in 3 ways:
  • Using a graphic to make those lines appear (the cheapest way & Most Common)
  • Stitching together Fabric to achieve barely visible lines
  • 3D Stitching: On every design line, manually stitching a rugged, thick & protective stitch (the most expensive)
As you can guess, we chose the most expensive and complicated option because once you see it in person and actually feel the stitching, it feels like armor. This stitching creates visible lines, cuts and make the product feel more than just a hoodie but an actual supersuit. All other options are most commonly done because it's cheaper and easier to do. But those options DO NOT provide an armor like feel and look. It looks cheap and silly.
We are extremely proud of our 3D Stitching and are one of the only people in the fitness industry doing it. This 3D stitching is one of the main differences between just a hoodie and a Super Suit.



When you get your supersuit, yes you're going to look badass but what's the point if it isn't functional? The functionality of an item (besides from the fabric) comes from the details like, zippers, pockets, hood, drawstrings and more. These things are what allows you store your essentials, adjust the fit, stay warm and much more.
While you probably never have given your zippers a second thought, I wanted to share that we use the highest quality zippers available on market. Our zippers are Waterproof and the highest of quality all branded with the 'SUPERX' logo.
When you get your super suit, I want you to look at all the seams, zippers, logos, drawstrings and all the small details, remember the small details is what makes a big difference.



While we obviously do minimal branding on our products, (which a lot of customers love) the minimal branding is done in style. We have finished the logos, tags and product bags that have our logos. These logos are minimalistic to ensure we don't take away from the product design.


Now that every piece of your supersuit is complete, this step puts the entire suit together. For example, with a hoodie the arms will be sewn to the torso and the hood will be sewn to the torso. This is the final touch of building.


Although our suits are engineered to the highest quality by man and machine, mistakes can and do happen. This process evaluates each super suit individually to ensure perfection.

WEEK 11-12

Once all supersuits have completed building and have been quality checked, they will begin shipping from our headquarters. Due to the thousands of orders, this process takes approximately 7-14 to ship all orders.

WEEK 13-16

Your origin story begins